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What to take with you Photo Tour?

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FOODPHOTO FESTIVAL 2011 Tarragona, Spain. Exhibitions, Workshops, Conferences, Portfolio reviews.

29.09 по 2.10. 2011 Food Photo Festival 2011, Tarragona, Spain

Photography Workshop - Yemen, Socotra

Travel with a professional photographer - Yuri Afanasyev. Learning photography and familiarity with an exotic country

Travel with a professional photographer - Yuri Afanasiev. Learning photography and familiarity with an exotic country.

 Photos from the photo tour

Photo Tours + Socotra, Yemen

Mountains, beaches, and Dragon Bottle trees, white sand dunes, the city of Sana, more than 1500 photos taken with your camera SONY A-900.

 Photo tour to Myanmar (Burma)

Photo tour to Myanmar (Burma) - Photo 2010. Slide show.

to move not only in space but also in time. Photos 2010

 FEP (Federation of European Photographers) photo competitions results

The "FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2009", supported by Epson.
Pictorial category

Category winner:
Yuri Afanasiev, Russia

Photo winner: Yuri Afanasiev, Russia


 Photography tours & workshops 2010, 2011 Yemen & Socotra

Photographer Yuri Afanasiev. Photo workshop tour to Yemen & Socotra

As for photographic technique, we would recommend you as follows:

If you want to make sharp photos at any time of night and day do not forget to take a tripod. The total weight of your backpack with all photographic equipment should not be more than 13 kg. It is good to have both wide-angle and telescopic lenses. Best of all it would be to take a high quality zoom lens than a park of discrete ones. Do not take lenses covering more than 500 mm focal lengths. Their use in such trips is extremely limited, therefore, it is no need to add the weight to your luggage. During the last photo-tour Yuri Afanasiev used a set of "top-end" Sony Alpha  optics covering from 16 to 560 mm focal lengths.

Except a number of memory cards take a storage device to keep your photos.

Do not forget to take a battery charger for all your devices requiring power supply. It is also desirable to have a spare accumulator for your camera.

A flash light for night photographing and water-proof bags to keep your equipment dry in case of rain or travelling by boat are also be of use to you.

But the most important things you shouldn’t forget to take with are a sun-protection cream, sun glasses and light comfortable clothes covering hands and foots.

To get more detailed instructions click here (traveller instructions).

Special Program!

Photo workshop tour to Yemen & Socotra with advertising photographer Yuri Afanasiev.

17-27 February 2012 


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