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The site photoru.ru is dedicated to professional photography. Photos taken by professional advertising photographer Yuri Afanasyev.
Yuri Afanasiev, more than 40 years in photography. The site photoru.ru is simultaneously a portfolio of an advertising photographer, a photobank of author's and artistic photographs.
Hundreds of thousands of pressures on the camera release button. Hundreds of thousands of shutter releases. Several thousand selected photographs of pictorial value as a result. After so many years spent on the photographic front, there was a desire to disassemble, systematize and present the accumulated material to the highest court of the viewer.

I have always been attracted to different areas of photography. I did not want to limit myself to one direction, especially since photography has long ceased to be a job for me, but has become an integral part of life. This made it possible to expand my horizons and present a set of photographs taken in completely different genres and photographic subjects. On the one hand, this made it possible to create a photosite with a wide range of photographs, on the other hand, it made the systematization and final preparation of each photo more difficult.

The main criterion for the new project was to make all photos as accessible as possible, both for simple and for system viewing.

Now you see the updated version of the PHOTORU.RU website, this version was launched in 2022

The user has the opportunity to view photos limited to the topic he has chosen:

ADVERTISING (photos for advertising of brands, products, photos for packaging. Commercial photography)
PORTFOLIO (Model portfolio (book), photo series for sportsmen, businessmen...)

EROTICA NUDE (one of my favorite trends, dedicated to the beauty of the naked body)







Section PHOTO EQUIPMENT, will be of interest to everyone who is fond of photography. It will contain articles about various photographic techniques, both professional and amateur. It is quite possible that you, while visiting the site, could not find information on your question. In this case, you can ask it at user65@mail.ru. Looking at the site after a while, you can find the answer to your topic.

Pleasant views and discoveries, Yuri Afanasiev.