Copyright Act of July 9, 1993.
All photos posted on this site are intended only for viewing, any reproduction and use for commercial purposes without the permission of the author is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, you are violating the copyright law of July 9, 1993.


Copyright in a photograph arises from the moment the photograph is created and is valid throughout the life of the author and another 50 years after his death.

The property rights of the photographer are that the photographer has the right to allow (or prohibit) the use of his photograph in the following ways: reproduction, distribution, public display, broadcast on television. The law (Article 16) establishes the following property rights:

the right to reproduce (replicate): for example, in a newspaper, magazine, book, postcards, etc.;
the right to distribute copies of the photograph (sale, free distribution, etc.);
the right to import (import into the territory of Russia) copies of a photograph (including in a book, a collection of photographs, etc.);
the right to public display (in a photo showcase, at an exhibition of photographs, etc.);
the right to be shown on television, including cable;
the right to processing, i.e. to change the shape of the photo.

The use of text and visual materials of the site in whole or in part is permissible only with the permission of the author and with an active link to the site